Saturday, 24 August 2013

We raised over 500 dollars!

Thank you to everyone for their support and well wishes. With our forty ladies at our guild meeting we raised over 500 dollars in less than an hour, so a big thank you to everyone!!
Sir Basil Frost and his riding polar bear Maritimus......
I know it's a bit early but I made this Santa and his polar bear to give to our Needlework guild. All proceeds of ticket sales goes to Ovarian Cancer research.

A long time ago in a frozen land far up north there lived a man and his wife. Sir Basil Frost and his wife Clara also had a polar bear named Maritimus who lived outside in the cold and snow..... Clara Frost belonged to a special group of ladies that gathered several times a year.Together they shared their passion and love of stitching. During the winter
months it was hard for them to get supplies for their needlework. One particular Christmas, Clara had bundled up little packages of threads and fabric, she added a few items like buttons, trims and little strawberry pin cushions. She lovingly wrapped the bundles and tied them with pretty ribbons. Sir Basil saddled up Maritimus and rode through the snow and wind, delivering the
parcels to all of the stitching ladies. He enjoyed watching theirs eyes light up and hearing their exclamations of joy when they saw a ribbon or threads that
they had being yearning for. Thus became a tradition, each Christmas, Sir Basil Frost and Maritimus rode the north delivering the packages made by

A hand made one of a kind sculpted doll and mohair polar bear by Margaret Bouwmeester 2013