Saturday, 14 January 2012

Jack's home!

Jack is home and doing so well, thank you to all who sent messages of love and prayers! He weighs almost five pounds, his brother and sisters are happy to have him to hold for real!!!
Mommy and Daddy are pleased too.......but Gramma is wishing she was there to hold him....
She would be except for this happened......

Yes, I broke my foot...had to have surgery to put in some plates and screws..... Welcome 2012! I wanted my first post in the New Year to be awesome!!! Ha ha.....let me see, just getting better from sick leave, resting my left foot and making it I broke the right foot...three more months of bed rest and healing.....really? I mean really?
I am very thankful to all of my friends who sent messages and left comments of love and support and many prayers for Jack and his are all so wonderful!!!
Thank you!!!