Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas Part Two....the friendship......

from over the pond and far away came this parcel. I have an incredibly talented and overwhelmingly generous friend in Italy....many of you know her too...."Monica".  Of course, the tears came as soon as I tore the paper off......
It was exciting to get sneak peeks of the goodies to come......
Her stars!!!!! I had just bought the new issue of Somerset Life.....and here they were, stars for me!!!
Monica has been published lots and lots and all of her ideas and art works are very dear to me.
She has two blogs,  Life is a Painting,and The White Bench, if you have never visited her, you must do so at once.
She is still waiting for my parcel to arrive but she let me share all this gorgeousness with you!
Look at the gorgeous cone, and the cloth wrapping bags......she is so clever, oh look at the card, made from sheet music, love, love.......

These are the acorn hats that were inside the cone, wonderful little hats for my bears and dolls.....
Another beautiful cloth wrapped bag.....and this gift made me feel soooo loved, her plaid bear pin keep!!! I have always wanted this one, thank you my dear friend!
Star perfection!
The most divine antique linen, with my initials no less, be still my beating heart!
There's more, can you believe it?
An original cup runneth over...... "Faith" Monica, I truly am so blessed, your gifts are so thoughtful and caring and you are sooooooo sweet and kind....oh my, I hope you know how much this all means to me........thank you.......xxxxxx

 We have had a wonderful Christmas here and I have been so blessed from all my makes the terrible past year seem like it never happened, I don't mean all the gifts but the friendship and the kindness and the Faith that came my believe in myself and trust others and to reach for help and know that people don't offer if they don't mean it......most of all to pass it along as I heal and grow in spirit and health........


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Dear Maggie:
What wonderful gifts you received from Monica. I've never visited her blog before, but you can believe I will now. She's truly are you, dear friend.

I hope that 2013 holds only Great Health, Happiness and Love for you.
Sending love across the miles.

La Table De Nana said...

How kind of Monica:-)
That is her nature:-)
Best Wishes to both of you for 2013...

Monica said...

You've blessed me with a much bigger gift, your true friendship. May Faith always be with you!

Penelope's Beehive said...

Dear Margaret,
What lovely gifts...I feel certain that you shall treasure each and every one.
May the New Year bless you with fine health, happiness, love, and peace.
Judy x

Dorthe said...

I saw you mentioning me over at dear Vicki`s blog, and wanted to take a real tour on your blog, So did that :-)
It is so beautiful, and I will be back, also am a follower now.
What wonderful gifts you got from your friend, they are all gorgeous!
I wish you a happy and beautiful new year Maggie.
Greetings, Dorthe