Saturday, 30 April 2011

Bye Little Guy....

My sweet friend Donna, from Brynwood Needleworks lost her darling friend, Fezzik yesterday. It breaks my heart to hear of such sadness.....Fezzik Fridays were the best part of Friday after a long day at knew that Donna's post about her loveable Welsh Corgi would make you laugh and it would give an instant pick up!!!
My prayers and heartfelt thoughts go out to Donna, Stephen and Kes..........we will miss Fezzik and I know I will treasure all the stories and photos that Dee has shared with us.
Big, big hugs!

Friday, 29 April 2011

Was it worth the four am rise....

Why of course, the bride looked beautiful!!! Congratulations to the newlyweds.....
William and Kate...

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Thank you Patty!

Recently I had a swap with Patty from Hanging on by a Thread....if you know her then you know what an amazing and fabulous stitcher she is! These are the beautiful gifts she sent me, oh my heart filled with joy at the sight of all these stunning works of art she had created for me!!! I am not a gifted stitcher like her at all so I treasure all the time and effort that went into these wonderful sewing pieces, there is the jar of pins with the fleur de lis lid and the pin keep, with both sides stitched, wow!! Just look at the butterflies on the scissor holder, have you ever seen anything so sweet!!! How I love my which ones will I keep in is so pretty, thank you my dear friend!!! I am so overwhelmed at all of the other gifts too, the scriptured precious! All the lovely "M" goodies, the ribbon, the pattern for an ornament (oh dearie me that is adorable) happy and soooo blessed. A big thank you to Patty, please stop by her blog and let her know how beautiful her work is and check out all of her gorgeous work!!!

Here is what I sent her.....a little Ellephont.... a couple of pin keeps, heart scissors...
Velvet strawberries......... who doesn't love stawberries?
All packaged up in a pink Paris box......Patty, I hope you were excited and thrilled as I was!
If you have noticed that I haven't been by your blog lately, I apologize, and I promise to catch up and visit everyone....sometimes my Lupus flares up and I just can't do anything about it...but I am slowly getting better... I just want to let everyone know I do read and love all the comments and I will get back to you!!!