Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Goodbye Sweet Sugie Bunny.....

You may have heard the sad news already, that Michelle from Raspberry Rabbits lost her little bunny, Sugie last night. Shell is the known to everyone as the bunny lady, she rescues bunnies from abuse and neglect. In her home, the bunnies have a wonderful, safe and loving enviroment. There are always great photos of the "buns" and delightful rabbit tales to read on her blog!! Once when I left a comment this is the word verification that came up........I saved it so that everytime I looked at it, it reminded me of Sweet Little Sugie....


I am so proud and honoured to know someone like Shell who dedicates her life and home, and opens her arms to these cuddly, and loveable little sorry for your loss Shell, I will remember Sugie with lots of love and smiles!

Please take a moment visit Shell and read her tribute to Sugie.




Monday, 18 April 2011

The Journey...Part Two......

The doll maker surveyed the damaged to the little poppet, with a sigh and a smile off she went to the studio. It was going to be a complete remake. As most of you know the heart of a doll maker is generous and loving, this was not an easy task but she knew it was the only way to make Little Elena would survive another trip. After several weeks and lots of hours, little Elena was making the journey to Canada again!

As fate would have it......after a month of waiting, surprise! The parcel turned up back at the doll makers home.....what?

Elena heart was torn, she loved her doll maker but she had for one brief moment known that her home way up North was also the right place for her to be.....she had glimpsed into the eyes of a new family.....she saw a deep love and understanding of someone who knows about dolls and loves them with all her heart.

By now the doll maker was struggling with the postal problems and this time she packaged up a new container and with it she generously sent along a companion. Oh my The French Bear was going to be surprised!!! Lady Emma was going to keep Elena company. Unfortunately, this time the parcel sat at the Customs office and then, we still don’t know why, it was sent back to the doll maker......oh dear, how could this be?

After much paperwork and stress for the frustrated parties, the parcel was sent out again!

This time the journey was a success, it was over a month long, but that did not matter.....what mattered was that the ladies arrived safe and sound!!! Indeed The French Bear was overjoyed and surprised!! Oh Julie, you cannot know how overwhelmed and loved I felt to receives not only my little poppet but a big sister too!!!! Your work is just stunning and the details in each doll are wonderful!

Emma is beautiful and I can’t believe you made me two dollies, first over all I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Here are the photos of my gorgeous dolls! The dolls now have a new home and I shall cherish them and love them forever......

The Dutchman made me a special cabinet for my Elena, the wallpaper in the background is made from letters, written by my Baba Elena to my Mom....the photo is of them before my Mother was married....

The little "B" brooch (B for Baba) was a gift I had given to my Baba when I was only five years was in her sewing basket forever until sadly the basket just fell apart.
Thank you Julie, you have really touched my heart with your kindness and your unbelieveable talent, and these two beautiful dolls!!!