Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Real Chefs in my life.......

Cooking and baking are not just a hobby of mine handed down to me from my Mom. They are the dreams and lifelong passions of most of my family members. My niece and her husband are both chefs, he teaches at SAIT in southern Alberta, and she is the Atco Blue Flame Chef. You can find her recipes and her videos on line here. I love to visit them, both because they are veritable fountains of knowledge when it comes to anything cooking and baking and food in general.....but they treat you like visiting royalty!! Every meal is an array of wonderful tastes and mouth watering dishes.
Thanks for all the recipes and the love and comfort of those memorable meals together you two!


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Have a sweetest of Sundays, Margaret xxxx

La Table De Nana said...

Ahh what a sweet post..:) I will go visit..
What a lucky lady.. Beautiful people too:)

LuLu Kellogg said...

Great picture of your two Chefs!

I don't cook, period. I never have liked cooking so I leave that part to my husband :)


Charlene said...

What a talented family... chef's, dancers, bear makers.... LOVE YA!

Charlene said...

Come visit... I haven't heard from you in 4EVER!

Kasia said...

Oh that must be awesome! Having chefs in the family must be so great! Thanks for sharing this, and also, your little granddaughter is SO sweet! :)


Shirley said...

Hi Margaret B, I have been wondering about you. It is great to have two chefs in your family. I know I would like that to be able to learn about some of the dishes that are made that look complicated, but aren't really that hard. I loved the chocolate chip cookie recipe. They were so yummy. Have a great week. Your Missouri Friend.

Diane said...

How wonderful to have such accomplished chefs in your family. I'm sure they're inspiring and they're a very beautiful couple. Hope this has been a good day for you. Hugs, Diane

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Margaret,

How great that you have two chefs in your family. You have such a talented family.
Just off to go and check out the links, thanks.
Wishing you a lovely week


Shel said...

Such a talented family and what a gorgeous blog you have...thank you too for following...keep checking to see if you have won!
PS I can see why you and Monique are friends x

T's Daily Treasures said...

How wonderful! I bet there have been some lovely meals prepared by those two. We stayed in a bungalow in Sri Lanka where there was a personal chef and the food was out of this world. My 15 year exclaimed that if that was the last meal he ever had, he would be happy. Ha! I love good food! Best wishes for the week ahead. Tammy

Bertie said...

Oh Margaret to have cooks in the family, you lucky woman!! Although your cooking looks fabulous too:))


Soooo sweet!

Jillayne said...

Lucky you! It must be great to have that kind of expertise in the family, and to be treated to delicious treats when you get together. Fabulous food is a wonderful thing but when it's shared with people you love it soars to new heights!

Mayflower said...

Hello dear Margaret, what are you lucky to have such a great cooks in the family.
Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, here everything is fine. I hope that you are also well.
Have a nice week.
Warm wishes, Mea

Michelle May (Shell) said...

How cool is that!
xx, shell

Denise said...

I used to cook a lot, but now that me and Dennis are eating mostly fruit and veggies I have just about quit....... I love food but not enough to cook...... What a treat to have those two in the family! YUM! I will check them out!

Susan said...

What a fine looking couple they make, and how wonderful they share the same
passion for making magic with food!
What an enviable treat you have in store for you when you share meals together.
And, what marvelous recipes you they must have to pass down to other generations in your family.
Warm Regards,
Susan B.,Western MA

Marga said...

Hello Margareth.
I.m proud, because my daughter, she is 19 years old, have to learn to chef. And now she is chef, but she is going to learn for 2 years more. then she is a chef alround ( I don't know how I can tell you what I means).
Then she really thougt that she became a eating house of fish.
She likes to be a chef and she is working hard.
Greetings Marga

Carole said...

You sure have some talented family members! lucky girl!


Bonnie said...

I just always love checking out your wonderful BLOG. Always something great to see. Hope you are well my friend.
Big Hugs,

Lynn said...

Lucky YOU! You have personal chefs. Your granddaughter is gorgeous! She could be a model! Perfection!

Evi said...

Hi Mags,
how wonderful to have such gifted family members.
How great for you to be on the receiving end of all that talent!
Happy Canada Day,
Hugs, Evi

Lana said...

I would love to have chefs in the family! I'm not a bad cook, but I get so tired of cooking and would love to have someone else cook for me now and then. You lucky girl! :)

Marie Antionette said...

Hi Hon,
Happy 4th to you and your family,
I love to eat good food.I'll bet you are cooking up some goodies for today.
LOL...Its hotdogs for me and hubby today.
Thanks for droping by, I sure do miss all of you.
Take care and May God bless,
XXOO Marie Antionette

vicki said...

Margaret- what a lovely photo- they look very "chef-y"!!

How great to have a chef (x2) in the family!


LOve it!!!! Love to cook & eat way too much these days. stopped by to say hello. xo Laura

Jientje said...

They look like such a handsome couple!
I love the ballerinas beneath this post as well! I cannot tell you how good it feels to be back Margaret, I missed you too!
PS: I love your choice of music, peanut butter at seven in the morning, I love it!