Saturday, 26 June 2010

A new doll for me!!

I have been waiting a long time for this someone special to arrive, and she's here!
Lady Sapphira Osborn-Peale is a 22 inch tall fabric doll. She is a born traveler, always ready for a new adventure.
Alas, she does not travel lightly!
She has an antique trunk, her antique traveling bag, and of, course her hat box, made from a vintage basket. She is wearing a jacket made from fine antique wool. Her skirt is made from antique fabric so any worn edges or imperfections are the added pieces of interest to her history. Lady Sapphira is hand made by Evi from Evi's Country Snippets. You can read about her in a previous post here.
As I opened the huge package that arrived all the way from New York, the first thing I found was this delightful tag...... oh so pretty!
And here she is.... complete with her hat basket and her satchel, and this fabulous trunk!!!

Have ever seen anything so wonderful? Maybe I shouldn't be telling everyone I still play with dolls. I am sure there must be a few friends out there that still do........ this takes me back to my childhood...... lots of good memories! Evi, I am so happy that you let Lady Sapphira come and live with me. We are off to meet the other ladies here......... she will be in good company.

Thursday, 24 June 2010


is hosting a "Bloggerette Sorority". She gave us a challenge....take this image and make something with it. Then post a picture of ourselves with the art project. First I had to make something (deadline) and I made it!!!
Also, take a photo of ourselves, and that you know I don't like to do that (see what blogging has done)!
All in the name of Sisterhood.
Looks like there are a lot of sisters taking place.....head on over to Karen's blog to check them all out.

I took the image and copied it on fabric and made my lunch bag...

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

White Wednesday....

I am joining Kathleen over at Faded Charm this week for White Wednesday. Here is my little vintage dress with beautiful art from
Michelle Palmer....look at the details, the berries on the back and the sweet mice on the front.... her work is truly magical!

Here is my "Magee" hand made from Colleen Moody, isn't she lovely!!! I am inspired by doll makers.... I never get tired of playing "dolls"!!!!

My dear SIL, Donna B. found this charming white cabinet from the Goodwill for one dollar!!! I added some paper and ribbon, my favourite scissors and pin cushions and now look how great it turned out!!!
Please join the fun over at Faded Charm for White Wednesday!!!