Sunday, 23 May 2010

Helllloooooo.......anyone home?

Yes I really am home....sorry for not posting for a couple of weeks.....a little strep, now some bronchitis..... yeesh....will I ever get better? Well I hope so, especially since I really need to get my giveaway in action and my swap goodies are all in the mail! I need to catch up on all the news, what has everyone been doing?
Although it has been a little tough there are some things that make a person feel these packages that came in the mail..... from Lori over a My Faerie Window.....a puff! Lori makes these amazing puffs and I have wanted one for so long....I am so happy to have one, the soft pink is perfect! Isn't it beautiful? It was wrapped so sweetly and look at the darling clothes pin wrapped in lace with an "M" on it......precious!!!

Some more of Michelle Palmer's beautiful art! When the giveaway is announced you may see this pop up again!!!! I love her work......if you haven't seen it you really need to check it out!
Her blog is called Petals and Palettes.
My gorgeous little ballerina doll from Shari at Plays with Paper.......I love her work!!!
I also won a giveaway from Debra at Common Ground!!!! Look at the wonderful way everything is packaged......the soap and the linen sachet smell like pure Heaven....thank you Debra!!! Debra is in the middle of transforming her dining room, anyone wanting to help her wash up china.......ha ha.....I actually love to do that! Sometimes I wish we were all closer, don't you? It's like we are the desperate housewives of Blogland!!!!

What a beautiful old key.........I love to collect them!So it's off to the craft room to wrap up my pin dolls for Cindy and the Mad Hatter for Sue....I can't wait for those girls to get them... I am very far behind and they have been graciously and very patient with me........and then when it is time for a tea break......I have a lot of catching up to do. What have you girls and guys been up too?