Friday, 26 February 2010

My favourite cup....and a giveaway!

Mira over at Belle Blanc is having an action giveaway!!! This is where you show and tell everyone about your favourite cup and she will pick the picture of the one she likes the best.
This is my favourite cup.....I love to have a hot green tea or maybe some matter what it always feels special in my "M" mug......

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Green Matcha Bundt Cake

A little while back, Bakerella had this recipe on her blog and I wanted to try it..... I had to find the Matcha green tea powder first. I may have used a little too much for the color, but the taste was great........ I made a lime glaze and that gave it just the right tang. If you want a great blog to drool over check her out!!! Her cake looks a lot better than mine but it still disappeared well enough!!!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Little Bird to Make for Spring.......

There's something about little birds that make me happy, maybe it's the promise of spring.....
I wanted to share with you how I made this little chirpy fellow.
I drew the shape on some coffee filters, then I used a stamp, except I made this one upside down! Oh dear, next time I shall pay attention.

After you stamp it, or dip it in tea to stain, you just sew him up, stuff it with a tiny bit of stuffing and then embellish it with whatever you want. Already I can think of so many variations....... I will have to post more pictures, I think I have a few more ideas!!!!

I know Valentine's Day is past but I just received these sweet cards. This is from Donna over at Brynwood Needleworks. If you haven't been to visit her blog, please go and check it out, I am always amazed at all the projects she is working on, I don't know if she sleeps!!! I love this hand made ATC card, thank you Donna!

Here's a Valentine from my friends Amy and Alfredo..... so cute! Check out Amy's blog, Inspireco and her Open Sky Store, she has a sweet doll pdf that you can download.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Beautiful giveaways and I won!

I am so thrilled that I won these giveaways! I am sorry it took this long to write about it, I have been a little under the weather..... It was so exciting to come home and read my emails telling me I won this beautiful hand stitched pin keep from Susan at "Contemplating My Needle and Thread", she has the most wonderful cross stitching works of art.

How wonderful to find that I also won this stunning cake plate and silver server from Laura at "Decor to Adore". I feel so blessed, thank you ladies!
This is my Valentine card swap from Cathy at Hazelruthes. Isn't it sweet? It was so nice to exchange a pretty card with a friend!!!
What a gorgeous picture.......
I just had to share this sweet fellow, not that I won him, the Dutchman actually bought him for my birthday (it isn't until March). I happened to mention that Susan was creating again and how much I love her work and I wanted this one, and he could get it for my birthday? Of course he said yes, thanks Honey!!! You really need to go to Susan's blog, "Mouse Droppings" her work is incredible! She makes the most amazing pieces, you just want to kiss them....well I do, but then I am weird that way!!!

Isn't he just the sweetest bunny? Thank you Susan, I love him!!
I do have some more sweet things to share but I am off to work...... need more money to keep going, darn! I just wanted to share my goodies, and say a big thank you for the giveaways that I won...... have a happy Monday!