Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Finished Bathroom!!!

Lots of hard work and planning and the new bathroom is finished!!!
This group of art is on the wall as you walk in....
This is the little vignette inside the glass door cabinet over the toilet....
The room is small so we made it appear larger with this small vanity, it does the trick, and I had to learn to de clutter...... ha ha....
My treasures on top, the soap was my first attempt at making my own..... it was fun but I'll just buy hand made soap........ (it's easier)!!!

My shower curtain from Anthropologies, I did add the organza roses......

I love it, it is like my little spa in my own home....... yeah!
I would love to add wispy organza and twinkle lights to the curtain. Right now I have a hand crocheted table cloth, but it works. Now for the laundry room, but that's another post and alot more work!!!

Wild Hare Wednesdays

Oh boy....... this is a real wild hare Wednesday...... Bathroom renovation....... had to happen!!!
I am off to work, the Dutchman has ben called away to work!!! Yikes, what will happen to my bathroom. I will catch up later, show you the finished work tonight. No one sleeps until I have my bathroom!
In the meantime, hop on over the Shell at the Raspberry Rabbit and see what's happening there for her Wild Hare Wednesday!!!!