Saturday, 2 January 2010

Silver Sundays

I am joining in with Beth from Gipsy Fish Journal for the first of her Silver Sundays. It just seemed so appropriate because this year I fell in love with the colour grey, gray, silver or whichever name you like to call it. It's soft and warm, yet a perfect background for many pops of colour! Don't forget to click on the banner on the side bar to see the names of all the participants in this wonderful event!

These are some of my favourite new grey vignettes. Be sure to visit everyone who has signed up!! I can't wait to see what my friends have for their first Silver Sunday!!!!

Friday, 1 January 2010

The New Road Ahead...

A new road to travel full of hope and secret wishes.......
A year of dreams come true...
A year of love and friendship ...
A year for possibilities ....

Thursday, 31 December 2009

Good bye 2009, Hello 2010

So it's getting close to the end of 2009, here comes another New Year. Some say this is the end of the decade and others say we have to go through this year before it is officially a decade.
I am just wondering and remembering when the year 2000 was ushered in. Everyone worried about the prison doors swinging open and all the computers crashing. I would have been backing up my blog if I had one.
So what have I done in the last ten years......
I became a Grandmother
Got divorced
Remarried, found my soulmate....
Started a new career
Lost my Mom
Lost my sister
Lost my sister in law
Got a new sister in law
Learned to cross stitch
Learned to knit
Lost weight
Gained weight
Became a vegan
Stopped being a vegan (this could be the weight thing)
Started a blog
Looking forward to 2010 and blogging my heart out.......
Happy New Year!!!!

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Wild Hare Wednesdays

Wild Hare Wednesdays. This event is hosted by this sweet lady, Michelle, from Raspberry Rabbits. Even though I am taking a small break, I cannot pass up the chance to join her in the fun. This the day we get to talk about anything, any "Wild Hares" you may have hiding in your past or present..... a chance to laugh and unload any stories you want to share. Take a moment to read the participants blogs and share with Shell and the rest some of their Wild Hare Wednesday moments.
I was remembering the first time I learned to knit. It was when my son Cory was only three. I wanted to make him mittens, just like my mother made for all ten of her children...... I remember getting mittens every Christmas. Pink, red and many other colors, usually they matched whatever an older sibling had received as a sweater.
Now I knew how to crochet, but not knit, and my Mom lived far away.
My ex husband's Aunt decided to teach me, but she was left handed and so I had to learn while looking in a mirror...... I am sure this is why I am so slow to knit!!!!
It took a lot of patience and quite a bit of time.
I managed after about three days to knit one small blue mitt..... it was on two needles and I had to sew a seam, but I had a mitten!!!
I was so proud of myself that I placed it on the kitchen table to show everyone.
The next morning I woke up and when I looked over at the kitchen table, I saw a heap of blue yarn!!!!???? What?
I raced over and looked at my mitt, surely there was an explanation!
My son Cory was hiding under the table, when I finally coaxed him out he started to cry and he said," I don't yike you fitting mitts, I want to play wiff you......"
I gave him a big hug and said not to worry, Mommy wouldn't spend so much time knitting, I would rather play with him too. I called my Aunt and said I had to put knitting on hold for awhile.
I think when I learn to knit mittens, I will make him a blue pair and see if he remembers......

Monday, 28 December 2009

Happy New Year and a Wee Break.......

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year for 2010!!!! I will be taking a wee break from blogging, get a rest and come back all happy and rejuvenated!!! Thank you for all your kind words and great friendship........ see you in a couple days........

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Letter To My Mom........

Dear Mom,

It’s coming up to the New Year 2010, and you know how hard this time of year is for me. This when I miss you the most, when my heart feels like someone is squeezing it too tight and I can’t breathe. I am sorry I always tell you this, it seems like the same thing every holiday.

I am sitting here, gazing at the tree and missing you the most. The tears fall and I try to ease the pain in my heart. I can feel your touch. I love to remember your soft skin and your rounded finger nails, your strong hands. Those hands that created so many things, that loved all your children, and that grew all those beautiful flowers.

The hand that I held when we crossed the street, even though it made you laugh with embarrassment because we were adults.

I try to be strong, and not miss you and Karen so much, but it is hard. This is the time of year I wish to be close to my family and now we hardly ever talk. Mom, your children are so busy with their own lives that there isn’t time for us to be together.

Maybe this year could be different, Dad is getting older, perhaps the family will want to get together for his sake.......

My New Year’s wish would be that peace could come to our family and we could all get along. Mom, I promise to try harder.

I miss you, I always will......

Love your youngest daughter,