Thursday, 12 November 2009

Snowball Baby

Precious little snowball baby.......
Do you think she needs some wings?
I made this porcelain doll way back in 1985, she has just sat in my china cabinet........ for all these years.
I need help, I am inspired by all of the beautiful, vintage and white Christmas decorations. Hmmmmm......
Any ideas?

Thank You Charlene!!!!

I am so excited to share with you, my parcel from my sweet friend
Charlene. Look at all these beautiful things she made.....

Gorgeous necklace and three sets of matching earrings, I don't
know yet which ones I love the most....

Beautiful velvet and silk brown
journal and photo books.....

The most amazing apron!!
There's a pink ribbon in honor of my sister, Karen........
Look on the front!!! You may have to enlarge it to read, my poem!!! The Needlewoman!

Oh Char, I am so thrilled and so delighted at how generous and sweet you are!

You can visit Charlene at her blog, My Heart's Ease!!!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Monday, 9 November 2009

Letter Writing Swap

A little while back I joined a letter writing swap, all you had to do was exchange letters.... you know the old fashion kind, that you write, you know by hand....
The letter swap was hosted by Denise at Any Bun Can Dance. A big thank you to her for matching myself and Anna from Half An Acre.
I received this wonderful letter, all printed by hand, with little embellishments of fish and a cute drawing of a house, balloons, mice and flowers. So enchanting to read all about her family of boys! I learnt about her arts and crafts house of game boards and family closeness. Perhaps from the fact that they lived for years without television. Her boys know how to play with each other, alone and use their imagination, while Mom works on her sock bunnies, blogging about their everyday life, so cute!!!
We exchanged letters, shared tales about our families, and gave each other a moment of relaxation and indulgence....... sit back and read....... sip a cuppa!!!
It was a real pleasure, one I am sure I will enjoy again, wait is that the postman?
I think he has a letter for me!!!!!