Thursday, 29 October 2009

Take a moment......

Sometimes when we are so busy with our lives and working hard at our jobs, the time flies by, and then without warning it hits us. The feeling that we just can't keep up, that we are never going to get it all done. It's like Life is having a race with us and we are try so hard to get everything finished. Each day you wake up with this sense of urgency, today, I must hurry, I have so much to do.
I have been feeling like this for quite sometime lately. In the Fall things are getting busier with the colder weather, we tend to put in longer hours. everyone wants to ready for Winter. My thoughts turn to the holidays, mostly because every year I say I am going to get my web business started. Yeah, not this year, but thanks for trying!
This morning was the same, make a list of everything I need to get done, finish my work, make some calls. On and on, it never stops.
Tonight I was thinking that I am never going to get caught up, when suddenly it hit me. Breathe, take a moment, relax. I did this for a moment or two, then I tore up my list and made a new one.

Things I Am Truly Thankful For:
My God
My family
My blog friends (this one comes with a smile and a huge sense of happiness)
My freedom
My health
My memories
My job (this does give me the ability to afford to do what I like)

I guess sometimes we just need to stop and take a moment and remember to enjoy our lives and our friends. Let the dust bunnies wait and the phone to go to voice mail.
Thank you Father, I am blessed.
Margaret B

I am also happy the clocks go back an hour! An extra hour, woo hoo!