Saturday, 17 October 2009

Almost Halloween.........

is almost here...
I just wanted
to share some
of my
from the past few years....
mice, pumpkins
and more......

Thursday, 15 October 2009

I love Chris Isaak!!!!!

Went to the Chris Isaak concert last night. He was fantastic of course, his voice is amazing, and he is such a performer! Definitely an entertainer and a charmer, so handsome too!!! I of course had my own performance, tripped moving out of the way, missed a step and fell backwards, landing on my butt in the aisle! When the guy reached over to help me up, I asked if Chris had seen me..... No such luck I just looked like a tipsy crazed fan!!!! although when the couple returned to their seats and asked if I was okay, I just replied,"Oh yes, I told everyone you pushed me". He he..... poor guy, he looked so panicked, I almost felt bad!!!
Needless to say, I managed to carry on and have a great time!
Thank you to Joe FM radio station, my daughter actually won the tickets!!!!
Thanks, J'lyn and Gary!!!!
If you ever get the chance to see Chris live, go, he puts on an excellent show and keeps the audience entertained the whole time!!!! I love you Chris!!!!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I am trying to be in the spirit of Fall......
with a foot of snow outside. They say it
will warm up in a few days.....
We shall have some nice Fall weather.
In the mean time I am busy making
pumpkins and scarecrows....
I do hope every one is toasty warm.
I am writing my letter for the letter swap...
Stop by and read all about it at Denise's blog, Any Bun Can Dance!!!
Visit my new friend Anna at Half an Acre.
Stop in and see her sock monkeys and
her cute mobiles and decorations for
children....... what fun!
Happy Wednesday!!!
Margaret B