Saturday, 3 October 2009

English Sponge Toffee, the recipe.....

English Sponge Toffee

2 1/2 cups white sugar
2/3 cups corn syrup
1/3 cups water

Have ready to pour in, 2 tsp. vanilla and 4 1/2 tsp baking soda.

Have ready a cookie sheet lined with foil and greased lightly.

You need a heavy 14 cup or more saucepan. Cook on medium heat till the sugar dissolves.
Bring the sugar, corn syrup and water
to a boil; cook without stirring until
it reaches hard crack stage. 300 F on the candy thermometer.
I kept brushing cold water around the sides of the pot so it wouldn't boil over.
Stand back and add the vanilla and then the soda, this will BUBBLE UP!!!
This is the dangerous part if you aren't paying attention, like me!!!

The mixture foams up FAST, pour onto the cookie sheet, have someone hold the pot for you, scrape the rest onto the pan. Let it sit all puffy and golden for two hours. This will be extremely hard because it smells and looks so good!!!
After it has cooled, you can break it into chunks. This is where I was going to dip it into chocolate, but instead I bagged it up as is. I think everyone will enjoy a taste from their childhood!!!
Thanks for the lovely comments, my hand is fine!!!
I missed my 100 post, I think I am up to 102 or so.....
Sorry I missed the giveaway for that one, I will have something for the next post!!!
I still have everyone's names in the hat from the carry over...........

Friday, 2 October 2009

Sponge Toffee Part 1

Okay, so here's the thing..... I wanted to make Sponge Toffee. It worked!!!!
except, I forgot the pot was so hot and that I needed extra hands to work quickly cause it foams up FAST!!!!

I had to grab the hot pan and tip it onto the pan before the Dutchman could run and help me!!!


But look at it, it is so gorgeous!!! Tasty and golden, really spongy!!!
I am going to post the recipe and show you the finished toffee, cause I want to dip it in chocolate and bag it all pretty tomorrow!
I also need to attend
to my burn, ouch!!!

Monday, 28 September 2009

Rest in peace Auntie Marie....

It is sad to think of sometimes, when a loved one passes away. Is this the end of a family? It is in some ways. My Auntie Marie (darker blue dress), my Mom's sister passed away last week, she was the last sibling left.
We said our goodbyes and reacquainted ourselves with our cousins, some of whom I haven't heard from in almost forty years.
Where does the time go? I know I have my siblings and she had her daughters, we will continue the family line, even if it is the next generation. I don't know about anyone else, but I just feel sad that now we are the older relatives. The ones that are supposed to keep the families together. It feels like since my Mom passed away, we don't connect with our siblings. If we do it is very sporadic, some we don't see at all.
I want to reach out and hold my children and grandchildren close and tell them how much I love them and make sure that I have hugged them and kissed them!!! Probably would be okay with the girls, the boys, maybe not so much!
What's happening in your family? I'd love to hear how you keep in touch, and who is the glue in your world that keeps it all together?