Friday, 26 June 2009

Etsy Blog Party: You're never too old.......

Marcela over at Etsy Cottage Style is hosting a blog party. You're never too old for...... 
Head  on over to see what everyone else is posting about, there's always something great going on over at her blog........
Remember, you're never too old.......

To get married.....(again)........

To learn to sculpt and sew..........

To learn to blog...

To learn to knit........

Look What I Got!!!!

My dear sweet Dutchman!!! I know I blogged about our Anniversary the other day, so I was completely caught off guard when these beauties arrived!!!! Complete with the most beautiful card!!! I am a florist by trade so you will understand when I go crazy over flowers, look at the Casablanca lily and the Chenille, the Giant Allium!!!!! I love it, even the greenery!!!
Thank You Husband!!!!!!
love MB

Thursday, 25 June 2009

My Package from Pretty Petals!!!

I just received my parcel from Heather at Pretty Petals Shop, you must go and visit her blog!!!!
She has the most
 beautiful blog!
Her and her
 and Alice,
 a few others
 the most
 incredible cuffs
 that they made for
 each other. They
 are so beautiful!!! 
 gals have so much fun
 and what an
 inspiration to everyone!
I love looking at all
 of their beautiful
 designs and
 lovely creations......
Go and enjoy
 some eye
Thank you
 for my
 lovely treats
I'll let everyone
 know when
 I make

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Second Chapter, verse one.........

Dear Friends and Family, I am writing this note with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes.... after twenty five years of marriage I am divorcing Dennis....... that was me in 2000. So much pain and heartache!
We were high school sweethearts, we did love one another, we were sixteen and seventeen, we were children, babies almost, but love is very strange. It comes in and sweeps you off your feet and then slams your heart against the wall and leaves you breathless. Unfortunately somewhere along the way my heart was broken and the what started out as a small chip ended up as a huge crack across my whole being.
I had to leave behind twenty five years of friendships, my dream home, my job, and everything I had once held dear. I moved far away, with no where to live , only a job that was completely unlike anything I had done before. I was alone.......
Slowly I started to heal and I managed to make some sort of reason and hope with my new life. I worked hard, found a small apartment and tried to be brave with my new surroundings. Eventually I would make friends and try to find solace in my family, my daughter and grandson and my son........
Then one day I met this man, the Dutchman, with his deep voice and gentle manner. I made teddy bears, his name was,"Teddy".  Our children liked each other and got along great. We did things together and soon decided that this must be worth a try. He brought a smile to my face and a song to my heart!! I felt a love that I hadn't felt before, a deep, strong connection. it was like we had both been on a long journey, we met on the road home.......
Together we made each happy and our families agreed, it was a definite match! It's not often that you are given a second chance, I am sure that God decided I needed another chapter in my life and he put the Dutchman in my path. (Thank you Father)
We ran away to the mountains and stood high up on top and proclaimed our love for one another.......... said,"I do"!!!
That was one year ago, June 26, 2008......
Happy Anniversary Babe!!!!
I love you!
Mrs. B

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Happy Father's Day Opa!!!!!!

Happy Father's Day to the Dutchman....... you are my husband, my hero, and my friend..........