Saturday, 23 May 2009

Knitting And Crocheting Flowers

I have the whole day to myself!!!
The Dutchman is away (I do miss him)! 
This is my chance to take some quiet time
and sit and knit and crochet.
I made a tea cozy the other day and I want to put flowers on it, so I am trying some different ways.
I can knit soft hues of gray and 
white, maybe some pink,
this kid mohair is so soft!
I do like the bright pink
crocheted flowers too, but maybe too
loud for my cozy? Hmmmm...... 
I'll have to show more as I finish them....
See you later, have a happy Saturday!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Sunday Morning White

Is there anything more inspiring and beautiful then "white"?
How the light 
plays on each 
and hue of 
I wonder how 
many others
love white like I do?
What magic and romance does it bring to mind.....
Do you think in white?
White is pure, white is cleansing, white is new, white is my inspiration.........