Friday, 15 May 2009

Inspiration or just plain HELP!

I am trying to get inspired to go work on the things that need to be done. I have been kind of down and out about what I want to have on my web site, so I am not really accomplishing anything! So far it's just made me sad, time is flying by and I am still not done my projects! I thought maybe I could have a look at some of the things I did do and that would make me feel inspired.... hmmmm....... maybe I should go look at what others have finished, and then be inspired!!! Oh wait, my Village quilt isn't finished, and I had to have help to get it this far, oh bother, now I feel bad..... Okay, time for action! What makes you inspired, please let me know!!!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

New Mail from Pay It Forward!!!!

Remember back awhile when some of us had the Pay it Forward on our blogs?
Well this wonderful package came in the mail yesterday!!
Wow! I am so happy to share this with you.
This is what I received from KarriAnne at Extroverted Introspection  

This is what was inside the package.... the most exquisite necklace you have ever seen!!! How beautiful!! I love it!
Thank you so much KarriAnne!


Check out Saucy's blog to win!!!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Blog Party!!!

Welcome to my blog party!! It all started with Marcela at Etsy Cottage Style!!
I have been trying to catch up on a few things, like crocheting
and knitting and sewing, whew!! Where does the time go?

These are some of my favorite

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you had fun and enjoyed the visit as much as I did!!
I really do appreciate my blogging friends!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Mother's Day Adventures

What a wonderful Mother's Day I had, it started out so sad, with my missing my Mom and my sister.I decided to paint a tribute to my Mom, for her chocolate cake recipe. I am not a painter but I love how it turned out!!

Then my daughter called to say our Bella was receiving an award for leadership, so could we come and share it with her!!
Of course, we drove there right away! She looked so beautiful with her hair done up so pretty!! It was a surprise, and she thought we were only there for Mother's Day dinner!! she was so funny, after she won, she packed that award everywhere, and kept staring at it all night!

Kaden and I made chocolate pancakes with raspberry and watermelon topping. He even went out and picked some twigs. No flowers are out yet!
Little Miss Sophia was glad to see Gramma and Opa, but wasn't too happy to wait for her share!

We had a wonderful Mother's Day. I hope everyone had the same!
Love Margaret B