Saturday, 25 April 2009

Mail that made my day!!!

What sweet surprise could this be?

There are days when you can hardly make it through the long hours and the slowly ticking clock, just to finish work. Then you trudge home, exhausted, down trodden and depressed! Day after day, hour after hour, why, you ask yourself, do I keep doing the same thing and getting and getting the same result? 
Well, I don't know..... it's my job and I guess I have to suck it up and learn to like it or find a new one!! Could be that we have had winter for almost what seems like a year!! Everyone else has had Spring already and have actual flowers growing and beautiful things blooming!!! I still have frozen ground and snow flurries!!! That could be why it is so dang depressing lately.
Just when I thought that I couldn't have had a worse day, I came home to find mail for me!!!
Mail, for me? I hardly ever get mail. This one was decorated so nice and it made me laugh to see the beautiful envelope! That's cause it looked like Lynn's mailbox, and she wondered how I knew which one was hers!!!
I received this beautiful package from Lynn at,"It's a July Thing"!!! How sweet, I forgot that she had posted about her mailbox and asked if anyone knew which one was hers!! Of course it was the one covered in decorations!!!
Thank you Lynn for making my day!! Inside were the most gorgeous tags, decorated on both sides!! I love them, I can't wait to do something with them..... you have inspired me to get back into the sewing room and finish my poor abandoned projects and put a smile on someone else's face!! That is why I love my blog family!! We are always there for each other willing to comfort or inspire or even a simple pat on the back....... thanks!!!
I am happy I have friends that really do care......

Monday, 20 April 2009

Home Made Goodness

When you come to Gramma's house, it's a given.... you bake or make or do something that involves food, baking, pizza making, doughnuts, cookies, and or all of the above!! My little Bella is a natural baker. She knows, the better the chef, the taller the hat!!! I think Gramma has to buy her a new hat, this one is ready to pass down to her little sister. We do love to bake, Isabella even makes perogies, the size of a quarter!!! She has more stamina then most adults, she'll stand beside me making them for hours at a time! I am hoping to scrapbook a recipe album of all the favorite recipes from my family and friends to pass down to her one day!! I guess I better start writing!! It's always a treat to spend time together.......