Saturday, 18 April 2009

Grandchildren and Candy!!!

Of course we all know that kids and candy mix!!! Well that is only for Grandchildren....... it's my duty to fill them up with sugar and send them off when they're buzzing like a pack of wild bees!!!! Er, at least until I remembered they were staying with Gramma and I had to put them to bed!!!  By now I had little Miss Sophia so full of sugar she was crashing fast!!! The Tea Party idea was great until she used the chopsticks to spear everyone that tried to stop her from pouring tea everywhere..... but it was all fun, she could hardly keep her eyes open..... Then there's Isabella, calmly decorating eggs, Gramma only had styrofoam eggs by now, but that didn't stop her... she my crafty one!!! Kaden on the other hand entertained us with his collection of "boy/man" noises(you know, the rude ones)!!!! Oh well, fun was had by everyone, and it was so good to hug and kiss them before they turn eighteen!!! Gramma still has a little bit of power!!! That is until a tiny two 1/2 year old screams in her ear at six in the morning,"cookies!!!!!!" What???? More sugar, Gramma???? Oy....... 

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Blue Blog Party

Etsy Cottage Style is having a "Blue" blog party! I don't have lot of blue, but I have recently fallen in love with robin's egg blue. I am sharing some of the new things in this soft and gentle hue of "Blue"...... I am not a great photographer so they do look a little pale but really they are a most delicate shade of blue.....


Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Romantic Vignettes

These are my Romantic Vignettes.... this is the first time I have taken pictures of "vignettes". sorry for the blurry ones! I am joining with Louise over at Whispering Poppies for her Romantic Vignette Event. Be sure to go and say hi and take a peek at her beautiful vignettes. Thanks so much for stopping by.....

Romantic bottles and secret boxes and sweet little bunny doll...... little birdies.

These are some of my dolls..... posing with my "Marie".(this is a before picture, of course)

Happy Spring?????

April 14, we should be waking up to sunshine and our flowers and trees budding........ instead this is what greeted us this morning!!! Why do we live in Alberta? Yeesh.... I can't remember!!! No wonder I just want to hibernate and ignore everything!!! Where are you sunshine? Enough of this cold Canadian weather!!! Happy Spring everyone! MB