Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Emilia Mudryk........ mom, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt, wife, friend....... a very dear and special person. My Mom passed away on Good Friday, April 12, 2001. That was the day that God chose her for an angel and took away her suffering and pain. My mother loved her Savior, so it seemed right for her to leave us on such an important day. This was a day that changed my life forever..... my heart was broken, it was hard to go on, yet, I knew she wasn't suffering anymore.....
I am always reminded of her death at Easter, but just as we go from Good Friday, we go forward to the day of the Resurrection and all the hope and joy it brings for us. 
As a young child I remember she taught all ten of her children to follow their destiny and to be daring and step outside the lines of life. Mom instilled in each of us the confidence that we can do anything and accomplish everything if we tried hard enough. Reading was important, we always had books, and being creative seemed to be a natural part of my life. Mom always encouraged us to be different and to set our goals high so we would have harder lessons to learn from.
As I read from other blogs about their struggles or their joys I am reminded of how precious our time on Earth is. It is important to make friends and be a loyal and trustworthy person to each and everyone of them. Take the small joys, the good and the bad from every situation. To make sure we are there to lend a hand or extend comfort when someone needs it.
So even though it is hard to celebrate a special occasion without my Mom, I rejoice in the fact that I have made so many new friends through my blog.
If I had just one small second to tell her something I know it would be the fact that I love her, I miss her and I am forever grateful that she loved me.
When I read your comments and share your stories I know in my heart that as friends we have touched someone who is need of a hug or an encouraging word.
Happy Easter to everyone.....
Margaret B

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Some Bunny is almost ready.......

Oh my..... I need my bonnet and my dress, where's my bunny slippers? Where are all the carrots? Oh yes..... silly me, on my bonnet of course!!! Easter Bunny coming soon!!!!