Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I am trying to be in the spirit of Fall......
with a foot of snow outside. They say it
will warm up in a few days.....
We shall have some nice Fall weather.
In the mean time I am busy making
pumpkins and scarecrows....
I do hope every one is toasty warm.
I am writing my letter for the letter swap...
Stop by and read all about it at Denise's blog, Any Bun Can Dance!!!
Visit my new friend Anna at Half an Acre.
Stop in and see her sock monkeys and
her cute mobiles and decorations for
children....... what fun!
Happy Wednesday!!!
Margaret B


Riet said...

Now how about that, snow already. Isn't weather strange. I love your pumpkin lovelies. Have a nice day and thank you for visiting

Charlene said...

Brrrr seems like you got the white stuff early this year. I bet it's hard to think fall when it feels Christmas. Off to see your new friend.

Mayflower said...

Hello dear Margaret, what a lovely autumncorner, have you made them by yourself? Here in Holland we have a first frost, but by day there was a lot of sunshine.
Have a nice evening.
Lovely greetings from Mea

Diane said...

Margaret, your pumpkins are just delightful. You always manage to stay in the spirit, even with a foot of snow on the ground. Be of good cheer, I think a melt is coming your way, we finally got it.

LiLi M. said...

Love your pumpkins and your fall colors! I'm off to visit your links, have a nice day!

"bear's house" said...

Hello my dearest...

Lovely and wonderful creations!!!

Your pumpkins and your fall colors are really good!!


Jodie LeJeune said...

Hi Margaret!
Girl, that is so cool that it has already snowed there and cooled off. We are still in the 80-90's and have never experienced Fall yet! I'm warm all right but not in a toasty kind of way...haha
I love your decorations...they totally put me in the Fall mood!
Thank you~
everything vintage

Lynn said...

It was just a little sprinkling yesterday, wasn't it?
Your fall decorations are cute.
I visited Any Bun Can Dance. :)

Lisa said...

Happy Fall in the snow! Hope it warms some.
Hugs, Lisa

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

A foot of snow! Good gravy and I was complaining about 2" of rain! Hope it warms up a tad for you!!

Kathleen said...

Hello! Just came across your blog. Are you Lebanese by chance? My husband is and he has an unusually similar last name to you. Have you eaten at Maauloufs in Sacramento?

The White Bench said...

Dear Margaret,
I bet it's difficult creating Fall atmosphere with a foot of snow outside!
Have fun with your pumpkins and your letter (I missed that swap, I sooo love writing and receiving letters!!)

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Ok so it was 63 here today and raining and I was totally freezing! I can't imagine having a foot of snow already! Oh my gosh! Well, at least it's good sewing weather.
bunny hugs,