Friday, 28 August 2009

And The Winners, yes winners are...........

Thank you!!!! I am overwhelmed with 
the response for my giveaway!
I have very tired fingers from cutting up the paper and writing the extra votes for followers....... I hope that everyone had fun entering, I am still trying to get around and say hi and thank you to each person!!!!!

The winner is...........
That is for the prize #1
teddy and duck pin keep, wish book and the flowers and photos.......
Congratulations Laura, sorry about the fuzzy pic, I was too tired to change it!!!!! Yeahhhhhhh!!!
And because you were all so friendly I added more prizes......

Prize #2 Another bear,
 and his
 pin keep,
LILI M!!!!!!!!!

Prize #3,

the winner is Susan from
 Mouse Droppings!!!!!! 
She wins the heirloom

Prize #4 is the pink pin keeps for Julie Bailey Primitives....

And last but not least, sorry all the photos aren't in synch.
I am not that great with
all this stuff......
prize# 5
the winner is....
Colori!!!!! The square pin keep with strawberry!!!!
Please email me through the comment section on my web

A big thank you!!!!



Cindy said...

congrats everyone!

SharDon Exclusives said...

Congratulations to each and every lucky winner!!! You have been such a sweetie to put this together but it is so rewarding too. I loved having my 100th post and BD giveaways. Thank you for this opportunity...sharon

Lisa said...

WOW! I'm bummed I didn't get one but Congrats to all who did!!!
LOVE all the pin keeps!
Hugs, Lisa

Lisa said...

Oh Margret!! My blogger won't update me on your blog anymore! It just started today with this post! I have one other blog that this happened and I'm just heart broken! I have, hopefully , sent in a request as to what is up, but if you don't hear from me it is because I just haven't thought to look it up. I so hope this will reslove. Did you change anything on your blog? Just so I can tell them if you did. Oh I'm so sad to have "lost" you!!
Hugs, Lisa

Denise said...

Congrats to the winners and hey girl! I am trying to find time to get out and about and visit some of my fav's....... Hope you had a wonderful summer and I wonder where it went!

Andrea said...

Congratulations Everyone. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Blessings, andrea

Lisa said...

OH!!! You are back!!! I must have a delay in it posting!! I'm so happy! I have still lost another but YOU are back!! :)
Hugs, Lisa

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Congratulations to all the winners! Such lovely prizes all. Lucky, lucky girls!
Have a great weekend.

Karen Witte-Elkins said...

What a wonderful giveaway, Margaret. I think the recipients will be beyond thrilled. Thank you fo stopping by my blog. I have been a bit absent in the blogland arena of late, but I'm back and loving your blog. Have a great weekend!!!

LiLi M. said...

Whow, what a way to wake up! I can use the same comments again, this is too good to be true. Thanks a million!

Mayflower said...

Hello dear Margaret, what a bizzy time for you with this wonderful give-away. Congratulations to all the winners and enjoy the beautifull presents you get from Margaret.
I wish you a lovely weekend.
Many greetings from Mea

Lisa said... many wonderful goodies you've made Margaret! Congrats to the winners!

Jientje said...

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

sinnlighet said...

Ohhhhh I like like like your blog!

Agneta from Sweden

Lynn said...

Lucky winners!

I am putting together a Giveaway for my 200th post. Are there any suggestions for me or any advice?

Riet said...

I just saw your blog with such a Dutch name i just wanted to say hi.
The Netherlands

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Margaret,

Congratulations to all your lucky winners! They will be so thrilled to have one of your beautiful handmade treasures.

I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend.


Charlene said...

Congrats to all the winners but, the biggest winner of all is us who love you, your blog & your work. Thank you for having this give away & being so generous. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!

Lori said...

Margaret, that was so sweet of you to make all of the extra prizes...congrats to all of your very lucky winners!!!

Julie said...

Hi Margaret, Thank you so much for this lovely give away!!! I am so thrilled to have won the beuatiful pin keeps!!!! Congratulations to all the other blessed women who have won a piece of your heart!!!

charmedwishes said...

congratulations to the lucky winners! i am kind of sad that i didn't win but i will get over it. :-)

alittlespottowriteforgetmenot said...

What a happy day for the winners of your adorable creations!! Congratulations to all and a huge Thank you to you for being such a sweetie and sharing your pretties with us!!xo ~ Madai
ps my blog went private but would love to have you, no pressure, if you would like an invite please send me your email addy.
Thanks again!

Prim2Pink said...

Congratulations to all the lucky winners!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Congratulations to everyone! What fabulous prizes!
bunny hugs,

Lynn said...

Congratulations to all the very very lucky winners :) You have been so very generous sweetie, such a giving heart you have:)

Sassy Brit said...

Congratulations to all the winners! I'll bet the teddies will love their new homes :)

Sam I Am said...

wow!!! Congrats to all the winners...what great prizes!!!!!!!

Mumzie said...

Your bears are marvelous. Also, the little pumpkins and heirloom tomatoes are very cute! Mumzie :)