Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Dear Sweet Friends

There is a gentle breeze and the sounds of summer seem to be all around me. I can catch the scent of newly cut grass, scattered with the chirping of the baby Robin's. I am trying to finish my projects, yet I am so far behind....... I will not let this illness, this malfunction of my body, slow me down! My dear sweet friends, you have been so supportive and such comfort to me in these trying times. Everyday I pray for healing, for strength and hope that I will be able to carry on as usual with all the things I love to do!!  
I just wanted to take a moment to let you know, I plan getting back to my blog as soon as I can. 
Thank you,
Margaret B


Andrea said...

Blessings and prayers,

Lori said...

Margaret, i hope you are feeling well soon...i will say a prayer for you:)

Lynn said...

Your blog buddies won't go anywhere!
We will be sitting by and praying!
Sophia is precious!
Get well, Friend.

The White Bench said...

Take all the time you need, dear Margaret. I'll be thinking of you!
Monica xx.

"bear's house" said...

MY DEAR Margaret

...I'm NI.


ALL often as you wish!

No matter if we are far away...concentrated...hear my heart beat a side of your!

KISSES my friend...NI

Susan Pilotto said...

Hi Margaret...so hope that each day is bringing you improvement in your health...baby steps...hang in there! Hugs, Susan

Colleen said...

Hope you are on the mend right quick!@!

Anonymous said...

I so know what you mean about falling behind...that's how I am feeling too right about now. I had no idea before your last comment on my blog that you had Lupus...I will definitely be praying for you! One of my very best friends in college was diagnosed with that in her junior year...and whenever she has her treatments she is down for awhile...even missed my wedding because of it. Being diagnosed with it really took it's tole on her...she left school...fell into a deep depression and just lost hope for awhile. But I do try to keep up with her when I can and she recently graduated and is doing much better adjusting to living with the illness. I hope that during her life she is able to regain her faith as well...anyways...sorry for the tangent! Just wanted to pop in and say hi and thanks for sharing your story...;)

Shiningwoman, freelance artist said...

I remember the smell of freshly cut grass and the delicious feeling of a sweet breeze. I am glad you can find comfort in these things. Hope you get your strength back soon and are able to do the things you love. Casey

Lisa said...

Don't rush your self. We miss you but you need not worry about us!
Hugs, Lisa

chickie said...

Add me to the list of sending warm blessings and prayers.I hope when i visit back all will be good for you. Chickie from Chickie Vintage Chic

Lynn said...

I am so sorry you are still not well Margaret, I will pray for your strength to fight this.

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Sending prayers and big bunny hugs. Thinking of you my friend. glad you're stitching ;)
bunny hugs,

Coastal Sisters said...

Sending you love and prayers for you to feel better soon my dear. We will all be right here waiting sweet one :)


Charlene said...

Margaret, I am so glad to see that you came by to visit & comment! I have missed you & hope you are begining to feel better. I posted about the event & noticed you are participating (I can't wait to see your studio). I only found out about the Event today so i have not got time to CLEAN my studio. We have been on vacation & DH has been home for about 4 weeks. When he is home I can't do anything without him talking AT me. He works everyday during the winter but, is off most of the summer. It is OUR catch up time together. Then in the fall my world becomes mine again. IF you saw my studio you would RUN in fear! Everything gets tossed on my workspace. Now, my jewelry table is pretty clear. But, it is pretty uninteresting when clear. See you at the Event tomorrow. TAKE CARE OF YOUR SWEET SELF!

Draffin Bears said...

Sending you prayers and well wishes Margaret.
It was lovely to have you visit my blog and thank you for your kind words.

Take care.
Sending hugs