Friday, 12 June 2009

True Blue Hockey Fans!!!!!

In the spirit of great hockey, even though it wasn't the Dutchman's cousin Jay Bouwmeester from the Florida Panthers, or my son's favorite team the Edmonton Oilers, we cheered our hearts out for Sid the Kid, and the Pittsburgh Penguins.Yeah Malkin!!! Путь пойти!!!
Wooooo Hoooooo!!!!! Way to go Pens! Congratulations on winning the Stanley Cup!!!!!!


Denise said...

Don't know the first thing about that game but my sweet DH loves to watch.. I read a book.. I have a grandson (that I never see or know) but he played hockey all his high school years..

Sooooooooooo Congrats to the guys!

Lisa said...

YEAH!!!! They were my choice after they beat our Hurricanes!
Congrats PENS!!