Sunday, 14 June 2009

Noodle Making

Busy day, sewing and making noodles, cleaning and gutting the main bathroom!!! Did some flea market finds at the Quilt Show. I can't resist buttons and pincushions......


Bellamere Cottage said...

I am loving that pincushion.....isn't that just a cutie??


Denise said...

Have never made noodles! Good for you.........and I have a huge jar full of old buttons..... I use them on my dolls!

The poison ivy is gone now and that is a good thing! Go over to my Life at My House and see my back yard! BUT I must warn you.... Lots of Pictures!

Have a blessed week....

blushing rose said...

OMG!! We used to make noodles with Mother. They were delicious, better than the store bought. We dried them like you are, also. A great memory to resurface.

Poison ivy solutions ~ Ivy-Dry over the counter at drug store. Excellent!

TTFN ~ Marydon

Mayflower said...

Hello dear Margaret, mmmmmmmmmm noodles, I like to eat them too. And what a lovely pincushion.
Have a nice and sunny week.
Lovely greetings from Mea

The White Bench said...

mmmmmmmm......!!!!!!!!!!Sooooo yummy!!!!

The Whispering Poppies said...

Making your own noodles?!!! WOW! Hubby sells pasta machines at his shop, but I've never tried using one myself. (Kinda like the cobbler's children wearing no shoes!) lol

Diane said...

Homemade noodles, wow! You're so busy. Do you sleep?

Lisa said...

Great noodles! WHY would you try to resist buttons or pin cushions!! hehehe!
Hugs, Lisa

Allidink said...

I wish I knew how to make my own noodles! How neat! The closest I've come to that is making them with play-doh haha. Neat finds!

All the best,

Coleen said...

wow.......homemade noodles!! never had they taste sooooo yummy!!

Love the pincushions and your wee bears, too!!!!....

Heart Hugs,

Coastal Sisters said...

I love the pincushion!

Making your own noodles! That is wonderful! I bet they are so much better than the ones from the market :)

Glad you enjoyed the pictures of all the furbabies!


Lynn said...

MMMMMM Noodles! My favorite food group!
I have an award for you on my blog.
Come and get it!

Marie Antionette said...

Hi Honey Bunny,Thank you so much for your visit.It ment the world to me.
I would love to learn to make noodles. How fantastic yours look or should I say yummy.I'm sure glad there are ladies like you who still do this.
Amnd buttons....My daughter and I we always buy buttons.Your a girl after my own heart.
XXOO Marie Antionette

The White Bench said...

You are such a wonderful friend!!;))))
Thanks for your comment, I am honored!

Anonymous said...

I did love the description of the travel. I have never tried to make noodles. Can hardly believe that. I grew up where we made cheese, butter anything you did not have to buy. Blessings

Denise said...

Just wanted to say hey!


Have a fun weekend ....... or make more noodles, which ever you please!

Something White said...

Dear Margaret,
thank you very much for your lovely visit and comment! Yes, I´ll add your link to that bloglist. When I saw your family-name I wondered if you might be from the Netherlands or Belgium, but now I discovered that your husband is Dutch... :)
Enjoy your noodles-meal, I think they taste much better when they are homemade, don´t you think so?
Best greetings, Marjolijn

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I admire anyone who makes their own noodles. My husband's best guy friend used to make noodles for us when he came to visit. He's gone now...and that's a special memory I will always have. Have a super great and fun weekend. xo Lynn