Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Holidays are coming soon!!!!

Last year,
 the end of
 June, the
 and I ran 
away to 
We love
 to go 
 for our
The vacation
 in the
 is always
 the view
I just
 had to
with you,
this time
 last year, 
on the side
 of a mountain...
 and I
 were married....


Allidink said...

Oh my gosh it is beautiful! It reminds me of the Sound of Music!

All the best,

Lori said...

it is so beautiful there!!! what a wonderful getaway you had:)

blushing rose said...

... the hills are alive ... BEAUTIFUL!! Reminds me of so many european places we have been to. TTFN ~Marydon

Mayflower said...

Hello dear Margaret, wat a beautiful place to be, it's a lovely location for a wedding.
Have a nice day.
Lovely greets from Mea

A Joyful Chaos said...

Oooh! those mountains are breath-takingly magnificent! Thank you so much for sharing them with us.
It has been a dream of mine for many years already to visit Banff.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

This appears to be heaven on earth. I can almost smell the fresh air. :)

Diane said...

Oh! You scared me! I thought you meant Christmas already.
Very beautiful pictures. That hotel is breathtaking, isn't it. Hope you have a wonderful time.

Lisa said...

Beautiful! Happy Anniversary!!
Hugs, Lisa

Denise said...

Oh my! What beauty....... I understand why you would want to go back there year after year..... Have a wonderful time dear friend. Happy Anniversary.....

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

I have always wanted to go to Banff. Thanks for sharing yor pictures!

SweetAnnee said...

OH MY ..that is a LOVELY lovely place..I want to visit it..

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I enjoyed reading your blog...What a beautiful place.

The blog world is so new to me...Hope you will stop by for a visit. I am posting on our Disney trip now and then on to a new grandson in two weeks..

Counting Your Blessings said...

Oh my ~ What a lovely, lovely place! I'm loving it! Blessings... Polly

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

We were supposed to visit Canada a couple of summers ago, and didn't happened. After seeing these picts, I'll make sure we make it!!
Thank you foe sharing!

Dolly said...

Ouuuu looks heavenly!
What a great hide away!

Thanks for sharing it with us!
Have fun!

Hugz, Dolly

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Oh my.... how absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a fabulous place to go!! I never get to go anywhere. :(
Post more pictures!
bunny hugs,

Sea Angels said...

I think if I ran away here...I would still be there ha ha...beautiful
Hugs Lynn xx

Elizabeth Golden said...

I love Banff! Summer and Winter. My first husband an I would go skiing there. I did my first helicopter skiing there. Stayed right in that hotel and he would take me for brandy in the horse drawn carriage through the snow after dinner. Very romantic. Summer was hiking and riding the train to shop. Thanks for the memories.

Charlene said...

Your photos are wonderful! Congratulations on your Annv. & what a beautiful place to get married! My DH & I have been to Banff & Lake Louise once. He wants to go back. He has suggested we got there for Christmas one year. I am not sure I could stand the cold at that time of year! Is it pretty at Christmas? We both love it when a city is all decorated in lights & he thinks that would be so special there. Thanks for sharing.