Saturday, 25 April 2009

Mail that made my day!!!

What sweet surprise could this be?

There are days when you can hardly make it through the long hours and the slowly ticking clock, just to finish work. Then you trudge home, exhausted, down trodden and depressed! Day after day, hour after hour, why, you ask yourself, do I keep doing the same thing and getting and getting the same result? 
Well, I don't know..... it's my job and I guess I have to suck it up and learn to like it or find a new one!! Could be that we have had winter for almost what seems like a year!! Everyone else has had Spring already and have actual flowers growing and beautiful things blooming!!! I still have frozen ground and snow flurries!!! That could be why it is so dang depressing lately.
Just when I thought that I couldn't have had a worse day, I came home to find mail for me!!!
Mail, for me? I hardly ever get mail. This one was decorated so nice and it made me laugh to see the beautiful envelope! That's cause it looked like Lynn's mailbox, and she wondered how I knew which one was hers!!!
I received this beautiful package from Lynn at,"It's a July Thing"!!! How sweet, I forgot that she had posted about her mailbox and asked if anyone knew which one was hers!! Of course it was the one covered in decorations!!!
Thank you Lynn for making my day!! Inside were the most gorgeous tags, decorated on both sides!! I love them, I can't wait to do something with them..... you have inspired me to get back into the sewing room and finish my poor abandoned projects and put a smile on someone else's face!! That is why I love my blog family!! We are always there for each other willing to comfort or inspire or even a simple pat on the back....... thanks!!!
I am happy I have friends that really do care......


Lisa said...

Oh what sweet tags! I know you will enjoy those! If you ever venture to make another elephant (like in your pictures) Please let me know. My mother and I both collect them and yours on hte ball is the greatest! Hugs, Lisa

Bonnie said...

To my newest friend Margaret. I really understand about the winter being long. I am a sissy born and raised Ca. girl and since moving to Idaho it has been somewhat hard for me as you read in my last blog entry. I thank you so much for the wonderful comments. Isn't it great that we can touch one another through cyber space as we do so often. Sometimes I think we just need to vent and things seem better.
Big Hugs,

Allidink said...

Aw how sweet! Those tags are great! I hope Spring comes for you soon!

All the best,

SharDon Exclusives said...

Don't you LOVE surprises!! It does brighten your whole life. Yes, spring is here in GA BUT it IS coming to you very soon, honest. Your gift was very sweet..sharon

Terry said...

May spring come just in the nick of time to
bless you with blue skies, and bright flowers that bloom and bloom may all your spring wishes come true!

Karen Witte-Elkins said...

What a wonderful surprise-and so lovely! And I have to tell you that the pictures of the sweet little kitchen helper were so sweet. I imagine you must be an amazing Grandmother-lucky kids!
Have a wonderful Sunday and I will do my best to send some of the Arizona sunshine your way.

blushing rose said...

What lovely creations. Enjoying browsing thru ...

Every day is a special day
To do with as we must
To find the best in every way
In Him to truly trust

Pop over & join my new blog & enter my Mother's Day contest in gratitude for all my new friends.

Have a beautiful day ~ TTFN ~ Marydon

Coastal Sisters said...

I love getting little things in the mail. It always makes my day! I am so glad someone sent you a little sunshine your way :)


Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

I know how your feel! May is just around the corner ~ hang in there. April Flurries bring May Flowers, or something like that, LOL. We have tough flowers in Canada :)

I actually some some popping up in my garden today! Karen

The Spirit of Abundance said...

Hi Margaret,

How nice of you "drop in" and to leave a comment on my blog :). It put a smile on my face. I guess, regardless of the far distance, when people share the same interests, they're connected anyway.

We did have the same thought, didn't we :)- turning smaller objects white. Gives a much fresher feeling in the room as well. Still a couple of weeks ago it wouldn't even have occured to me to take before and after pictures, but lately I seem to have gone a bit overboard with thinking of photo angles, lighting etc in order to get the "right" kind of pictures I want for my blog :).

I know how depressing the never ending winter can be. Even though I nowadays live in Holland, I'm originally from Finland, and during winter time here I sooooooo miss Finland and real winters and snow (cause the winters really are none existing in Holland), but as as soon as we get to March, I just love it here because Spring totally explodes on us. No wonder, since there never was any real snow or ice that needs thawing. Spring really is my favourite time of year here in Holland.

I'm sending you LOTS and LOTS of SUN, WARMTH, FLOWERS, SPRING BLOSSOM, GREEN GRASS, GOOD MOODS and ANYTHING lovely and Springlike :))!!


Michelle (Shell) May said...

Sending you happy Spring wishes and lot's more good mail!
bunny hugs,


hang in there... it's really not that bad... right you could be without a job.... do you sell your creations...I love your blog. xoxoolaura

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I remember that contest...congrats!! Beautiful tags!! Marcela

Lynn said...

Yippeeeeeeee, I won a tag too for guessing right :) Doesn't she do a lovely job of them?

Hey girl, as you know I am in Ontario, and even though it has warmed up a bit, I only have my little forget me nots blooming, so you are not far behind. As for working at a job, well, if only you could stay home and make a living with your bears... sighhhhh... some day, just keep focusing on that ok?
Hugs and kisses

Denise said...

Congrats to the wonder gift..... I love those Tags..... I am trying to make tags for my dolls... not finding enough time to experiment........

Have a great Tuesday girl!

Frippery said...

So glad you had a bit of cheer waiting for you at the end of your day. Sending wishes for sunny days to come soon, Pam

Bliss said...

I care too!!!!

I hope your gray days quickly turn to sunny bloomfilled ones! (new words are fun, aren't they?) Would it help to hold a bunny? I know...I'm a little hare-brained ;)

vosges paris said...

Hey ;)
Thanks for passing by oin my blog, your cooky jars (from IKEA hihi) are looking really gorgeus, must be fun to bake with the grand children :)

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

How nice that you received beautiful mail on a bad day... I hope you are having a better day today. xoxo Heather

Colleen said...

Oh yah! There is nothing better than fun mail on a dreary day. I hope you get some sunshine soon!!!

Lynn said...

Hey! I'm glad they made it to you safely! AND I'm glad you like them.
PS I love your music.