Thursday, 2 April 2009

And they're off...........

Thank you to Karen for starting my "pay it forward", I enjoyed it so much, I hope everyone receives everything okay. It has been really nice to meet new people and exchanges stories and laugh at our computer skills!! So the gifts are all gone to new homes...... Thanks again everyone.

Thank you to Kim, Deborah, Sammi, Denise, Lynn, and to Lisa for taking part in the "pay it forward". Wonder how long we can keep it going?
Margaret B


Lisa said...

Wow! I was just sitting here trying to decide what I could make. I have a really good idea brewing! THANK YOU for letting me be involved!

Hugs, Lisa

Serendipit-Us said...

Margaret! Oh my GOSH...your package just arrived and..I am BEYOND thrilled! I knew, from the pictures on your blog, that you are a remarkably talented lady. Seeing your creations, in real life & holding them in my hands....your pictures don't BEGIN to do your talent justice. I will gush, in further detail, on my blog :-) Thank you so VERY much!!!!
Huge Hugs!