Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Parcel from Italy!!!

You can image my surprise and delight when I went to mail my parcel to Monica my swap partner from The White Bench, and they said MY PARCEL was here!!

 Oh Monica, I was thrilled (sorry I hadn't mailed yours sooner) but sooooo excited to receive mine. I have seen pictures of the exquisite  packaging and the beautiful painting and the cute little dolls you have made, so I was pumped!!!  Then came the beautiful hand painted dish!!! Oh my Gosh, Monica! It is so pretty!!!!!! What fine, soft flowers, the detail!!! I will cherish it forever! Thank 

All the lovelywrapping! It was a pleasure just to look at before I opened them. I had a hard time remembering to stop and take a picture of each one. Ted was a little puzzled, he kept shaking his head , but he was smiling, so I know he knew how happy I was!!! LOL!!!!  

 The sweet little rose doll!!! The packing was just as I imagined! Such pretty ribbon! Look there is a hand painted bell, I love it!!!!



French Cupboard said...

My wife also loves to get packages and the wrappings that all you ladies do is quite amazing and enjoyable. The wrappings themselves are a treat. Your friend Monica did a great job and I know you had fun just looking and sifting thru the wrappings. What a pleasant surprise for you.

-Steve-French Cupboard

French Cupboard said...

How funny ~ I was just going to say how much I love to get pretty packages... but it looks like my husband already shared :) He doesn't know it but I'm waiting for a package from France!! Blessings... Polly