Friday, 20 March 2009

My Easter Swap parcel is on it's way!

My easter swap with Lynn is on it's way..... I told her not to peek! It's okay if she does though, I had a wonderful time making an egg a bunny and a chick. Can't wait for your parcel to get here Lynn!
Thank you to Etsy Cottage Style for letting me join their Easter Swap. 
Margaret B


Michelle (Shell) May said...

Hi Margaret!
Lynn is one incredibly lucky lady to recieve these! Oh my... they are sooooo fabulous!!!!
Your work is incredible!
Please send me your mailing address. I have a wonderful piece of cream mohair that I have been saving and I know I will never use. I would love for you to have it!
bunny hugs,

Lynn said...

I honestly, honestly didn't peak Margaret, and don't you go peaking on my blog until your parcel arrives, although I only posted one item I sent you :)
Shell, is SOOOooooooooo right, I am one lucky lady to have a precious bunny and a chick made by you, they are more than I ever dreamed of and love them so much. I just can't stop thank you tonight :)