Monday, 2 March 2009


Danette said...

OH MY GOODNESS! You MADE these?! I am amazed by such talent! I don't even know what to say ~ they truly are fabulous.

The French Bear said...

Thank you, I have a wonderful teacher, her name is Becky Halloway. She has been my mentor and instructor for over twenty years. I do make things with my own patterns, but I love her work!

Lynn said...

Oh WOW, you are so talented Margaret!!!!! These creations are AMAZING and your bears are too. I have been a bear collector most of my life but I stopped and gave a lot away. I only kept some special ones, none are handmade though, mostly Boyds and Bearington. I once thought of making bears too but I just can't seem to do all the things I want to, maybe some day I will :)
It's going to be hard to make something special for someone so talented for the Easter Swap, I like to be challenged though :)

Betina said...

I love the stuff you make. So crafty.

Thanks for the encouragement on my blog :)

Maybe you can come here and pretend to be my Mom for a few days.

Mimi's Rose Chenille Boutique said...

OMG, these are the most precious bears I have seen! What a talented lady you are! They truly make me smile.

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Oh, by the way, do you sell these gorgeous items? I would love to purchase one for Meggie and send in her "care package" for Easter! Thanks so much, Mimi

Mimi's Rose Chenille Boutique said...

Margaret ` Thanks so much for participating in "Support Our Troops" Day Blog Event! Don't forget to copy the small banner and the link for this event and place it on the sidebar of your blog along with a small post about the event! I know "Our Troops" will be thankful for your support! Mimi

Michelle (Shell) May said...

I'm in heaven! Your bears and especially your bunnies are fabulous! So much talent!
Glad you hopped by my blog!
bunny hugs,

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Just love your bears and bunnies! You are a very talented gal :)