Saturday, 21 February 2009

Yes, I know I am supposed to sewing my bears and bunnies!!! I just needed to stand and bake, get my head clear. I did finish a scrapbook of "Kasper", my grandchildren's dog. Of course I forgot to take pictures.... I'll have to get my daughter to take some. I also made Bella her book bag, and I made cinnamon buns and perogies and cookies..... maybe tomorrow after work (yes, I hate working on Sundays,and it should be outlawed!!!!) but, maybe there will be pictures to post. I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a "pin cushion" exchange? I am so envious of all the other gals out there who are exchanging such beautiful gifts, I just want to make something for someone and send it all wrapped up and gorgeous!! Back to work..... have a peaceful Sunday!
Luv MB

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Danette said...

I can smell that BEAUTIFUL bread from here. I'm a bread baker too. There's something very homey and soothing about the whole process, isn't there?
I do have to say~ that really is the prettiest bread I've ever seen.