Wednesday, 25 February 2009

I have been reading a lot of blogs, and I wanted to say something profound or encouraging to all of you who are living through and with cancer. What an inspiration you are!!! I lost my Mom and my sister in law and my sister all in a short period of time to cancer. I was devastated, lost and thought my life was over. It has been a few years and slowly I have learned to do my sewing and creating again. Oh yeah, I went through a divorce, after 25 years, at the same time.
Through all of this the one thing that remained was the love of my family and support of a few good friends. I continue to have support and a wonderful relationship with my new husband, Ted. There wasn't blogging at that time, but if there was I know now that I would have been so blessed to have a network of people out there that cared and showed love and compassion to complete strangers! I couldn't think of any one profound thing or anything encouraging that everyone hasn't already said...... so I just want to say Thank You, from the bottom of my heart! 
Life is so precious and you are so dear.......


Denise said...

Margaret.. I read your comment on Can I Be Pretty In Pink and my heart was touched. What God takes us to HE will bring us through.... My life was a train wreck but GOD walked through the rubble and lifted me up..... I am thankful for HIS grace that keeps us when we do not want to be kept.... I am thankful for your life and I smile when I read that HE has brought to you joy in place of your tears..........


2L3Bs World said...

Dear Margaret,
I guess those trials were given to make you tough. Please remember however that "there is always high in every lows..", so keep on praying my friend and everything will be fine. I hope your new husband is the beginning of new life.. We're here to hear you anytime.. "Talking cure" is the best remedy to all the sufferings of the hearts and mind.. See you again soon my friend..

BECKY said...

Hi Margaret! I am visiting you via Danette! Love your adorable bears!! So different and sweet!! I'm so sorry to hear of all of your personal losses. I lost both parents in 2004, one to Alzheimer's, one to cancer. I, too have moved forward, but still miss them so very much!

Praying God's blessings over you today!!
Have a joyful weekend!!

Danette said...

How sweet! And how very sad you lost so many dear to you all at the same time. I'm so happy you have Ted now {and all of us in The Land of Blog}!
And those beautiful grandchildren!
Life can be so hard sometimes, but it's still worth living every single moment!

sandisstuff said...

I so enjoyed reading your blog. I am about to go and approve your entry into Etsy Cottage Style but I wanted to learn a little about you before I did that. You have come through some very difficult times and I am so glad that you are in a better place in life right now. Your little grand daughter Sophia is so precious and definitely a gift from God. She survived for a reason so there will be great things in store for her. If you would like to visit my blog and follow it go to: www.

Nice chatting with you -
Hugs - Sandi

Lynn said...

What a beautiful post :) I too am sorry for all you have lost, but I am very happy for all that you have found since then, you seem to have a beautiful energy about you.
Your grandaugther is just darling too, she looks so full of life :)
God bless.

Charlene said...

Margaret..I saw you won the drawing at Monica's The White Bench, Congratulations! Don't you just love Monica? I sure do! And in reading your post about cancer & loosing those you love... you hit it right on the head that we must take each day & love those we have around us & let them know how much they are loved. I have a great link that you can click on everyday to donate (free) for mamograms. Please check it out & feel free to copy & attach it to your blog if you would like to help. And if you do, encourage others to do the same. We can fight this monster one person at a time. Have a great weekend.