Wednesday, 28 January 2009

It has been a very sad day for my daughter and her family, her beautiful golden retriever, Kasper was run over and passed away today. Not only is it hard for them, but who ever did it did not even come and tell them, so unfortunately, my granddaughter, Isabella was the one who found him. I hope they can find comfort in all the good stories we have of Kasper and take delight in the pictures we all have.


Sea Angels said...

Oh Gosh Margaret I am so very very is like loosing a family member you must all be heart broken.
Here was me coming to see you at last to say thankyou for your visit to my blog and thankyou for the beautiful things you wrote, and you are all going though a terrible time.
Well I send my love, to you all, what a beautiful dog, I am so very sorryy.
Love Lynn xx

The White Bench said...

I am so sorry Margaret... and I can understand very well how you all feel...
Hugs from me and my girl to you all.

IsabellasCloset said...

Margaret, How sad about Kaspar..I'm so sorry. Poor little Isabella she must be devastated, how my heart goes out to her. Isabella is adorable! I too have a Granddaughter Isabella..We are so very lucky to have these Isabella's in our lives.
Blessings ~Mary~ :-}

Danette said...

My heart grieves for the loss of Kasper and that your precious Isabella found him. I went through the same thing as a child with a much beloved dog. I am a dog fanatic {3 at present who rule my household along with an almost 2 year old granddaughter!}. I'm actually sitting at the computer at nearly midnight right now with a puppy curled up sleeping on my lap!
Maybe a new puppy is just the ticket for Isabella and her family.
Love to you all,